Feinberg – Dispensationalism and the Rapture:

Dispensationalism and the Rapture:
A Theological Analysis
Paul D. Feinberg, M. A., Th. D.

Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Pre-Trib Research Center

The rationale for a chapter on the rapture in a book on dispensationalism is that dispensationalists have been predominantly pretribulationists. Dispensationalists by and large have been interested in eschatology, and have made the coming of our Lord an important focus of their theology and ministry. Thus, in this chapter I shall examine three theological concerns related to the rapture. The three issues are: dispensational ecclesiology and the rapture; the incompatibility of premillennialism and a posttribulational rapture; the Olivet Discourse and the rapture. Continue reading