Boys {Anglican}- The Christian Dispensation Miraculous

Boys {Anglican}- The Christian Dispensation Miraculous


This very interesting article was first published in the February 1831 edition of the periodical, The Jewish Expositor, of which Boys was editor. It was then published separately as a pamphlet with a lengthy introduction, from which our version is taken. It is an important glimpse into the miraculous controversy of the late 1820’s and early 1830’s. Boys was not a ‘follower’ of Edward Irving, but sought to extract the question of the miraculous from the current situation and examine it in a solely Scriptural light; something the vast literature of the time had not bothered to do. This pamphlet was answered by Baptist Wriothesley Noel, which is also available on this site. A second edition was later published with supplementary material on the miraculous healing of Miss Fancourt.

AIM: Anglican.
CIM: Holy Spirit, Miracles.
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Commentary by David Cox

Within the Anglican/Methodist problem of trying to evoke holiness from their people who have no desire, their basic problem was that there was no real “new birth” that transforms the desires of the person to make them a child of God. The search for “miracles” is one of the places where their theologians went to seek the “true presence of the Holy Spirit”. Seeing miracles in the Bible, they make the invalid link that miracles must be a result of the Holy Spirit’s working. This is easily refuted by looking at the miracles of Pharaoh’s magicians against Moses. They duplicated what Moses did. So the conclusion is invalid. But none-the-less this is an exploratory of the miraculous.