Wilkinson – Our Authorized Bible Vindicated

Wilkinson-Our Authorized Bible Vindicated
Table of Contents
1. Fundamentally, only two different Bibles
2. The Bible adopted by Constantine and the Pure Bible of the Waldenses
3. The Reformers reject the Bible of the Papcy
4. The Jesuits and the Jesuit Bible of
5. The King James Bible Born amid the Great Struggles over the Jesuit Version
6. Comparisons to show how the Jesuit Bible reappears in the American Revised Version
7. Three Hundred Years of Attack on the King James Bible
8. How the Jesuits captured Oxford University
9. Westcott and Hort
10. Revision at Last
11. Blow after Blow against the Truth
12. Blow after Blow in favor of Rome
13. Catholics rejoice that the Revised Version vindicates their Catholic Bible
14. The American Revision Committee: Its Influence upon the Future of America
15. The Rising Flood of Modernism and Modern Bibles
16. Conclusion Chapter – Fundamentally only two different Bibles