Stallard-Why Dispensationalism Still Matters SS Lesson

Why Dispensationalism Still Matters (SS Lesson)
By Michael Stallard

Why Dispensationalism Still Matters is a single chapter work by Michael Stallard (Regular Baptist Press) work defending Dispensationalism.

Note that we might have the other 13 some chapters up at a later time.

Section Titles

How to Use Truth for Living
The Lesson Plan
The Study Book
Other Resources
Introduction to dispensationalism

Lesson 1 What Is Dispensationalism? Summary
I. What Dispensationalism Is Not
A. A view of Bible prophecy
B. Christian escapism
C. Dividing time into dispensations
II What Dispensationalism Is
A. Distinction between Israel and the church
1. The Bible teaches distinctions
2. God made promises to distinct groups
3. Failure to make distinction leads to anti-Semitism
B. Consistently literal interpretation of the Bible
C. Recognition of God’s glory as His unifying purpose
III. What the Dispensations Are


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Stallard-Why Dispensationalism Still Matters Ss Lesson Gbk-encrypted
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