Ice-Dispensational Hermeneutics

Dispensational Hermeneutics

By Dr. Thomas Ice

This is a paper on dispensational hermeneutics.

“Consistently literal or plain interpretation is indicative of a dispensational approach to the interpretation of the Scriptures,” declared Charles Ryrie in 1965. “And it is this very consistency—the strength of dispensational interpretation—that irks the nondispensationalist and becomes the object of his ridicule.”1 “Consistently literal interpretation” was listed by Ryrie as the second most important sine qua non of dispensationalism, which forms the foundation for the most important essential, “the distinction between Israel and the Church.”2 Earl Radmacher, in 1979, went so far as to say that literal interpretation “is the ‘bottom-line’ of dispensationalism.”3 While the ridicule of nondispensationalists has continued, there also appear to be signs of hermeneutical equivocation within the ranks of dispensationalism.

Introduction (below)
A Definition of Literal Interpretation
Uses of Literalism
Is Literalism Primarily a Philosophic Concept?
Complementary Hermeneutics?
How the NT uses the Old Testament
Figures and Symbols
Sense and Referent

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