Bowman – The Monotheistic Doctrine of Creation in Isa. 44:24.

This is a short 1 chapter work on The Monotheistic Doctrine of Creation in Isa. 44:24.

I. Translations of Isaiah 44:24.
II. Evangelical and Jehovah’s Witness Viewpoints
III. Isaiah 44:24 in the Context of the Book of Isaiah
A. Isaiah Often Speaks of the Messiah as Jehovah
B. Isaiah Denies that Jehovah Redeems through an Intermediary
C. Isaiah Saw His Glory
D. The New Testament Often Speaks of Jesus as Jehovah
E. Jehovah as the Sole Maker in Isaiah
F. Conclusion
IV. Exegesis of Isa. 44:24.
A. Is Jehovah in Isa. 44:24 God the Father?
B. Jehovah the Maker
1. YASAR (“forming”)
2.ASAH (“making”)
3. “Stretching Out” (NATAH) and “Spreading Out” (RAQA’)
C. Jehovah “Alone”
1. “Alone” (LeBADDI)
2. “Who Was With Me” IMF ITTI) or “By Myself (ΜΕΊΤΤΙΙ)

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Bowman-monothesitic-doctrine-in-isa-44 24 Gbk
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