Bing – Why Is Lordship Salvation So Popular?

Why Is Lordship Salvation So Popular?

By Charlie Bing

This is a single chapter work on Lordship Salvation.

A question often asked by those who hold the Free Grace position is Why is Lordship Salvation so popular? The Free Grace position teaches salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone, meaning that an unsaved person cannot do anything or make any commitment (such as submitting to Jesus as the Master of one’s life) in order to be saved, and that believe means to be convinced or persuaded of the truth of the gospel. The Lordship view stands in opposition to the Free Grace position by teaching that an unsaved person must believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and submit to Him as Lord (or Master) of his life. They teach that believe includes submission, commitment, and obedience. Though specific biblical answers could be given (see past GraceNotes), here we simply state some reasons why Lordship Salvation is so popular.


Misinterpreted Scripture.
New-old Calvinism.
A Cure for Worldliness.
Human Nature.
Misleading Rhetoric.

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