Bing-Grace Notes

These are Bing Grace notes from Charlie Bing’s website (used with general permission)

Table of Contents
1. The Condition for Salvation in John’s Gospel
2. Faith and Works in James 2:14
3. Motivations for Serving God
4. Characteristics of a Grace-oriented Church
5. A Model for Balanced DiscipleshJp
6. Questions of Assurance from Romans 8
7. Making Right Choices in Questionable Issues
8. The Unifying Message of the Bible
9. Why Teach About Rewards?
10. Word Pictures for Christian Workers
11. Some Questions for the Lordship Salvationist
12. The Grace Life
13. Assurance and Hope in Colossians 1:21
14. Falling From Grace in Galatians5:4
15. Interpreting Hebrews: Beginning with t’E RSaCe-5
16. Is There a Sin God Does hot Forgive?
17. Traditions or Traditionalism?
18. Should Vou Cut Off Your Hand?
19. What about a ‘Christian’ Who Doesnrt Live Like One?
20. Grace Giving
21. Peter as a Model Disciple
22. Repentance: What’s in a Word
23. Are Disciples Born or Made?
24. Eternally Secure
25. A Maze of Grace
26. Suicide and Salvation
27. Sharing Grace Graciously
28. Can Good Works Prove Salvation?
29. How Good Do Vou Have to Beto Get to Heaven?
30. How Much Faith DoesltTaketo Save?
31. Water Baptism and Eternal Salvation
32. Future Grace
33. The Extent of God’s Forgiveness
34. Hebrews on Fire
35. Does Free Grace Teach License?
36. Should Romans 6:23 Be Used in Evangelism?
37. Interpreting 1 John
38. Giving a Clear Gospel Invitation
39. How Do We Explain Hebrews 6:4-8
40. The Content of the Gospel of Salvation
41. The Lordship of Jesus Christ
42. Is Faith in Jesus Christ a Gift of God?
43. Grace Versus Karma
44. Man’s Aversion to Grace45 – Can the Willful Sin of Hebrews 10:26 be fo rgiven?
46. Can an Unregenerate Person Believe the Gospel?
47. Demon Faith and the Misuse of James 2:19
48. For Whom Did Christ Die?
49. Perseverance Versus Preservation
50. Sanctification: Whose Work Is It?
51. Fruits and False Prophets – Matthew 7:15-20
52. Lordship and False Followers – Matthew 7:21-23
53. Doubtful Self-examination in 2 Corinthians 13:5
54. The Fate of Fruitless Followers in John 15:6
55. The Christian and Apostasy
56. Does Grace Allow Christians to Judge Others?
57. Good Ground for Discipleship – Luke 8:4-13
58. Do Believers Need to Confess Their Sins for Forgiveness?
59. Real Christians Don’t Sin? -1 John 3:6,9
60. Can a Christian Be of the Devil? – John 3:8,10
61. The Salvation of Those Who Endure to the End in Matthew 24:13
62. You are “Saved” if you Hold Fast -1 Corinthians 15:1-2
63. Were Jesus’ First Disciples Called to Salvation or Discipleship?
64. Regeneration and a Changed Life
65. Revelation 3:20 and Asking Jesus into Your Heart
66. Why Is Lordship Salvation So Popular?
67. What is “Free Grace theology”?
68. Comparing the Two Coming Judgments66 – Why Is Lordship Salvation So Popular?
69. The Fate of Believers Seduced by FalseTeachers in 2 Peter 2:20-22
70. Was Simon the Sorcerer Saved? Acts 8:17-24
71. Israel and God’s Unrelenting Grace
72. Free Grace and Views of Election
73. Does Free Grace Theology Lead to False Assn ra nee?
74. The Doctrine of Justification
75. How God Draws People to Salvation
76. The Reality of Carnal Christians


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